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Other Diverse Experience + Capabilities

Expertise Across Industries.
LEGO Construction is a multidisciplinary general contractor that provides new construction, renovation, and maintenance services across commercial and government divisions, including health care, education, federal, correctional facilities, transportation, historic preservation, and public housing.

Transportation + Ports.
Transportation operators and owners face ever-evolving demands that create issues involving safety, security, operations, traffic, and the environment. As a contractor, LEGO Construction works within strict technical requirements to complete air and marine transportation projects with minimal disruptions to transport operations, employees, and passengers.

Key Clients:

  • Miami-Dade Aviation Facilities at Miami International Airport
  • Miami-Dade County Seaport
  • Port of Miami


The purpose of any correctional facility is to be a safe and secure environment that protects inmates, staff, visitors, and the community. Because of the potential danger of working in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities, contracting requires significant security measures for the safety and well-being of construction personnel during construction. Unlike projects in other industries, an escort is required to move around the facility and extra measures are required during demolition and fence removals to ensure that all inmates remain contained. All LEGO Construction employees undergo background checks before entering the job site and record a detailed inventory of tools at the beginning and end of each workday for accountability, auditability, and safety. LEGO has performed multiple Correctional Department projects and is accustomed to heightened security measures and procedures, as are our preferred subcontractors.

Public Housing.

To minimize interference and disruptions to the occupants of public housing residents, we approach renovation projects in phases. We take all practical precautions to ensure the highest levels of site safety during renovation for the protection of all residents, including children, disabled individuals, and the elderly. Our experience includes remodels, upgrades, construction work, site improvements (parking lots, driveways, lighting), exterior masonry rehabilitation, roof replacements, door replacements, and interior layouts. LEGO Construction is currently performing work on a multi-year Job Order Contract for Miami-Dade Public Housing and has completed several construction and renovation projects for public housing developments throughout southeastern Florida.


As Miami-based contractors, we’re motivated to improve learning environments for children and young adults statewide. We have performed more than 30 successful projects for school districts and colleges throughout southeastern Florida. This includes coordinating construction traffic on occupied campuses for seven school renovation and upgrade projects for the Miami-Dade Public School district to replace, repair, or improve: mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire alarms, interior and exterior painting, playground equipment, closed-circuit TV (CCTV), and plumbing.

Historical Building.

While it’s exciting to create something new, we also take pride in giving historical buildings a new lease on life. Historic building restoration and preservation projects require a much different approach than new construction, commercial renovation, or tenant improvement projects. Returning historic buildings to their original aesthetic and function means restoring features that may be missing, damaged, dirty, or destroyed. Preservation projects differ in that they may also include energy efficiency upgrades or technological modifications, such as introducing plumbing or electricity, to extend long-term use and durability for the facility manager. These projects may also include the careful restoration of historic material and or artifacts that are part of the building structure. LEGO has restored 4 buildings featured on the National Register of Historic Places.

Parks + Recreation.

LEGO Construction offers a full suite of capabilities to complete any parks and recreation project, whether it calls for a few new benches and play area or several baseball fields with bleachers and a snack bar. Parks and recreation projects typically involve earthmoving, installation of new structures and enclosures, and landscaping. Occasionally, these projects involve the construction or renovation of buildings for public use.

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